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The class 2091 diesel locos celebrated their 70th birthday in 2006 and a special train was run using one of the remaining locos from Waidhofen to Lunz an See on the Ybbstalbahn. This continued onwards to travel over the Ybbstal Bergstrecke, closed by ÖBB in May 1988 and since re-opened as a museum line. An added bonus was the provision of an even older diesel loco to join the 2091 over this stretch, namely 2093.01 dating from 1930.
2095 010 at Waidhofen2095 007 at Waidhofen2095 007 at Waidhofen2091.09 at Waidhofen2095 009 at Waidhofen2091.09 near Gaissulz2091.09 near Opponitz2091.09 near Opponitz2091.09 near Opponitz2091.09 near Kleinhollenstein2091.09 near Kleinhollenstein2091.09 at Kleinhollenstein2091.09 at KleinhollensteinLunz am See2093.01 and 2091.09 at Lunz am See2091.01 at Lunz am See2093.01 and 2091.09 at Holzapfel2093.01 and 2091.09 at Pfaffenschlag2093.01 and 2091.09 at Gaming2093.01 and 2091.09 at Kienberg-Gaming

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