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A visit to the "Zsuzsi" narrow gauge line at Debrecen and some photos from the following day which got off to a bad start with major disruption following some severe storms which struck Budapest the previous evening.
431 181 at Debrecen418 120 at Debrecen-Szabadságtelep51021 at Debrecen HétvezérMk48.2009 at Debrecen HétvezérMk48.2009 at HármashegyaljaMk48.2009 at HármashegyaljaMk48.2009 at HármashegyaljaHármashegyaljaMk48.2009 at Debrecen FatelepMk48.2009 at Debrecen Fatelep431 230 at ÜllőES499 001 at Budapest-Keleti433 347 at Budapest-KeletiES499 001 at Budapest-Keleti630 029 at Budapest-KeletiBudapest-Keleti480 025 at Budapest-Keleti448 437 at Rákos117 313 at Aszód432 309 at Aszód

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