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Most of the pictures in this gallery were taken in the Didcot and Mendips area and include official visits to Merehead and Whatley Quarry.
37072 at Moreton Cutting47279 at Moreton Cutting47217 at Moreton Cutting59002 at Didcot North Junction59002 at Didcot North Junction47812 at Didcot North Junction47812 at Didcot North Junction37222 at Didcot North Junction47716 at Didcot North JunctionHST at Didcot North Junction58028 at Moreton Cutting37072 at Moreton Cutting56047 at Moreton Cutting58046 at Milton37676 at Moreton Cutting47847 at Lower Basildon58046 at Foxhall Junction142 063 at Lancaster60047 at Lancaster37411 at Fairwood Junction, Westbury

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