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Day 5 of PTG tours "Rail Wonders of Latvia" tour started from Daugavpils and covered two branches in the west of the country to Zilupe and Kārsava as well as the some of the curves in the Rēzekne area and the Rēzekne to Krustpils line. As there was a comparatively early finish today, there was a visit to the depot at Daugavpils to round the day off.
Daugavpils2M62 1171 at Daugavpils2TE10U 0184 at Daugavpils2TE10U 084 at DaugavpilsTEM2 1134 at AglonaAglona2TE10U 0184 at Aglona74985078 at Aglona74985177 at AglonaTE10U 0184PRSM 4-018 at Rēzekne19724186 at Rēzekne2M62U 0291 at RēzekneChME3 4199 at RēzekneChME3 3950 at Rēzekne2TE10U 0184 at Zilupe59912378 at ZilupeZilupe59451310 at RēzekneToad at Kārsava

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