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Pictures from the start of our first trip of 2017 including one odd picture from Belgium. The rest of the pictures are mostly from Bavaria and feature plenty of class 218s and the Meridian loco hauled train.
1814 at Welkenraedt146 118 at Düsseldorf Hbf99 7247 at Drei Annen HohneV200 033 at Wernigerode120 115 at München Hbf185 663 at München HbfMünchen Hbf218 419 at München Hbf218 419 at München Hbf143 827 at Ulm Hbf218 496 at Friedrichshafen Stadt218 496 at Friedrichshafen Stadt650 114 at Friedrichshafen Stadt650 353 at Friedrichshafen Stadt214 464 at Friedrichshafen Stadt101 076 at Ulm Hbf218 456 at Ulm Hbf223 062 at Sonthofen218 476 at Sonthofen218 491 at Immenstadt

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