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The standard gauge part of Day 3 of PTG's "Rail Wonders of Southern Greece" which used three locos (A209, A466 and A470) and went from Volos, in Thessaly, over the mountains to the Greek capital of Athens.
Volos417 at Volos417A209 at LarissaA470 at LarissaA209 at LarissaA209 at Larissa120 012 at Larissa120 024 at LarissaA466 at LarissaStyrfakaStirfakaStirfakaStirfaka560 105 at Lianokladi560 105 at LianokladiA466 at Lianokladi560 205 at LianokladiA466 at GorgopotamosGorgopotamos viaduct

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