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Day two of PTG Tours "Rail Wonders of Lithuania" took us from the capital, Vilnius, to Daugavpils in Latvia where the afternoon was spent visiting the DLRZ works and LDZ (Latvian Railways) shed.
M62K 1091 at VilniusM62K 1181 at BezdonysM62K 1091 at BezdonysM62K 1091 at UtenaM62K 1091 at UtenaM62K 1091 at UtenaM62K 1091 at ŠvenčionėliaiSwallows at ŠvenčionėliaiŠvenčionėliaiM62K 1091 at IgnalinaM62K 1091 at Turmantas2TE116 933 at Daugavpils2TE10M 2983 at Daugavpils2TE116 884 at Daugavpils3TE10V 3019 at Daugavpils232 537 at Daugavpils2TE10V 3773 at Daugavpils15215270 at DaugavpilsTGM6A 304 at DaugavpilsTGM6A 304 at Daugavpils

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