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Two days spent making our way across Sweden from Malmö to Stockholm in readiness for a tour. Locations featured include Malmö, Södertälje Syd, the Lennakatten line at Uppsala and Hallsberg.
242 532 at Malmö C1342 at Södertälje Syd2036 at Södertälje Syd2020 at Södertälje Syd5 at Uppsala Östra885 at Uppsala Östra809 at Uppsala Östra1358 at Hallsberg1358 at HallsbergRc6s at Hallsberg2024 at HallsbergRc6s at Hallsberg1358 at Hallsberg2015 at Hallsberg1192 at Hallsberg1192 at Hallsberg1192 at HallsbergRe1424 at Hallsberg1070 at Hallsberg1149 at Hallsberg

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