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The first two days of a two week trip to Austria. We flew into Linz and headed straight for Vienna where day two was taken up with a ride behind 2050.04 on the Erlebnis Zug to Wulkaprodersdorf and a brief incursion into Hungary to Sopron.
1142 630 at Linz Hbf1142 541 at Linz Hbf2070 083 at Linz Hbf2050.04 at Wien Süd Ost2050.042050.04 at Wulkaprodersdorf2050.04 at Wulkaprodersdorf5147 512 at Wulkaprodersdorf1116 238 at SopronV43 330 at SopronV43 326 at Sopron1116 246 at SopronM44 310 at SopronV43 326 at SopronM44 307 at SopronM40 401 at SopronTattendorf2143 037 at Wien Süd Ost2070 087 at Wien Süd Ost

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