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A selection of various stuff taken during February 2008 that doesn't really stretch to gallery of it's own. Locations include Preston, the West London Line, Eastleigh, Bescot and a Leisure Centre in Leatherhead!
66411 at Preston313 107 at Kensington Olympia313 111 at Cromwell Road313 111 at Cromwell RoadWest Kensington East45 at Lillie Bridge45 at Lillie Bridge45 at Lillie Bridge45 at Lillie Bridge377 210 at Cromwell Road66538 at Cromwell Road313 107 at Cromwell Road220 012 at Cromwell Road7523 at Cromwell Road09019 at Eastleigh Yard09019 at Eastleigh Yard09019 at Eastleigh66613 at Eastleigh73205 at Eastleigh73205

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