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Visit to Germany's largest island, Rügen, for the Rügensche Bäderbahn and it's associated standard gauge line from Bergen auf Rügen both of which are owned by the Preßnitztalbahn. Gallery also includes DB photos taken on the island and at Stralsund including a bonus Preßnitztalbahn class 346.
650 032 at Putbus99 1784 at Baabe99 4011 at Baabe99 4011 at Göhren99 4011 at Göhren99 4011 at Göhren99 1784 at Sellin Ost97-24-06 at Putbus99 4011 at Lauterbach MoleLauterbach Mole251 901 at Lauterbach Mole199 008 at Putbus251 901 at Putbus251 901 at PutbusPutbus99 4011 at Putbus99 4011 at PutbusBinz Lokalbahn99 1782 at Binz LB99 1782 at Binz LB

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