10th September 2015 - Same Again

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Thursday 10th September 2015

Slightly earlier start today as we wanted to make sure that we got ME1533; which meant that we had to get the 7:44 this morning though the electric loco on the 8:09 was also a new one but it should be out all day so we planned to catch up with it later. Our plans nearly unravelled when we got held up outside Høje Taastrup and arrived to find ME1533 already in the other platform meaning that we had to run for it but we did get across in time. After all that rushing about, ME1533 swapped diagrams on arrival at Copenhagen to form the 8:36 to Holbæk so we stayed with the loco and stepped back at Roskilde for the train to Nykøbing F – a good oppotunity to visit the other location that the MEs served.

Nykøbing FNykøbing F10th September 2015. ME1512 has just arrived on RE2217 9:11 from København H and will form RE2230 12:10 back to there whilst ME1529 stands next to it on RE2226 11:10 Nykøbing F to København H.

An ME on its own in the loop at Høje Taastrup was noted as we called there on the way out of the city and this turned out to be 1535, one of our four remaining required ones. It was not attached to a train so there was no point in trying to chase it and we wondered what on earth it was doing there; had it failed?

With half an hour or so to wait at Roskilde it was time to grab a drink then change platforms to get a photo of the Holbæk service that was running a couple of minutes in front of the Nykøbing train. We took up a position towards the end of the platform to get a shot as the train departed and squinted at the loco number as it stood doing its station duties; it looked like 1505, or was it? Photograph taken as it stormed out of the station and was 1503, a bit too late now! A quick check of the diagrams revealed that it was working Holbæk turns all day so another thing to put on the list to do later along with EA3022.

ME1503 at RoskildeME1503 at Roskilde10th September 2015. On RE4517 8:56 Østerport to Holbæk.

There were two ICE units parked up at Nykøbing, we might have expected to see one there but not two and there were also two of the standard “rubber ring” DMUs in the sidings with piles of rubbish on tables visible through the windows. The latter were probably the migrant-filled train that we had seen on the TV news last night which had a report from Rødby Færge, the terminal of the train ferry from Puttgarden and the Danish border.

ME1530 at Rødby FærgeME1530 at Rødby Færge22nd April 2012. After arriving on RE2229 12:04 Østerport to Rødby Færge. Note the vast tract of derelict railway land at this ferry terminal.

Like Kalundborg yesterday, we were tempted to stay and have a look round Nykøbing but there were two locos to chase so it was straight back to Roskilde seven minutes later where we should see ME1503 heading towards Holbæk again. We were not expecting to be able to catch it as the Holbæk service was booked to leave about a minute after the train from Nykøbing arrived but it was still in the platform as we got off, right by the subway steps. We shot off down the steps only to get stuck behind two youngsters laden down with just about everything bar the kitchen sink and expected to hear the roar of a GM engine as 1503 departed before we got there; but the train was still in the platform and the doors released as we got to the top of the steps and it departed 3 minutes late, five down three to go!

It was lunch time now and Holbæk had one of those useful 7-Eleven shops which doubles as a ticket office so we got lunch and a photo of one of the Nohab locos outside the Regionstog depot, the unit that was parked in front of it yesterday having moved. There was a second Nohab inside the shed, although we couldn’t quite see the number, we think it was the same one that we had got a photo of on our last visit three years ago.

MX103 at HolbækMX103 at Holbæk10th September 2015.

ME1503 was taken to Trekroner which has two island platforms with a good view off the end and no fences to get in the way though there was a large station sign at right angles to the track which did get in the way a bit.

EA3022 at TrekronerEA3022 at Trekroner10th September 2015. "Søren Frich" arriving at Trekroner on RE4139 13:37 Østerport to Ringsted.

EA3022 appeared as booked so we took that to Ringsted where it was tea time in the 7-Eleven store before heading to Høje Taastrup to view the 15:24 from Copenhagen; it was still showing the wrong time in the Thursday diagrams and we weren’t getting caught with that again. The loco was dud so we then took ME1504 to the capital to monitor the evening peak from there; we’d had our fill of H-T yesterday.

When ME1523 rolled in on the 16:37 to Nykøbing we decided to go to Roskilde for a bit of a run as it was likely to be the last new loco we would see on this trip and we had a bonus of some new track as this particular train went off towards the Airport, missing out Valby and calling at Ny Ellebjerg instead. A check later on revealed that there were only three trains that took this route during the peak, the line was only used by S Tog trains for the rest of the day.

ME1523 at København HME1523 at København H10th September 2015. On RE2553 16:37 København H to Nykøbing F.

A final 40 minutes taking photos at Roskilde then it was back to Copenhagen with ME1528, noting that the same diagram as yesterday was a “Lyntog” EMU rather than an ME as booked. This left one unseen diagram, which was running 30 minutes behind our train but the chances of it being either 1508 or 1535 were not great so we decided not to hang around for it. There was a brief glimpse of the top of an ME loco in the S Tog shed at Taastrup which we assumed was 1535 which we had seen running light engine in the area this morning; perhaps there was a wheel lathe on site that it was booked to use?

We got off the train at København H and nearly tripped over some piles of bottled water on the platform, there was also some food including bags of apples so it looked as though some migrants were expected. An EC from Hamburg (or the Danish border) arrived whilst we were waiting for the S Tog towards the city centre but there did not appear to be any migrants on there – maybe the border was still closed.

Dinner this evening was in another of the restaurants that we used on our previous visit, a Croatian one named “Dubrovnik”. Like the other two we visited, it was nice enough but nothing particularly memorable, we work on the theory that if we can’t remember the details of the food the place must be at least OK or better. After all if it was well above or below average a restaurant would spring instantly to mind as being well worth visiting again or avoiding for the opposite reason! As we had come to expect with these types of restaurants, the food was plentiful so we decided to walk back to the hotel to help counter the generous portions.

Station Arr Dep Motive Power Train Details
Østerport (bay)   7:44 ME1524 RE1517 7:44 Østerport to Kalundborg
Høje Taastrup 8:12 8:14 ME1533 RE1512 6:58 Kalundborg to København H
København H 8:29 8:36 ME1533 RE2521 8:36 København H to Holbæk
Roskilde 9:02 9:37 ME1512 RE2217 9:11 København H to Nykøbing F
Nykøbing F 11:03 11:10 ME1529 RE2226 11:10 Nykøbing F to København H
Roskilde 12:33 12:36 ME1503 RE4537 11:55 Østerport to Holbæk
Holbæk 13:03 13:16 ME1503 RE4536 13:16 Holbæk to Østerport
Trekroner 13:51 14:11 EA3022 RE4139 13:37 Østerport to Ringsted
Ringsted 14:35 14:50 EA3022 RE4138 14:50 Ringsted to Østerport
Høje Taastrup 15:35 15:49 ME1504 RE2238 14:10 Nykøbing F to København H
København H 16:03 16:40 ME1523 RE2553 16:37 København H to Nykøbing F
v. Ny Ellebjerg        
Roskilde 17:07 17:49 ME1528 RE4544 17:16 Holbæk to Østerport
København H 18:16 18:21 8194 S"H" Frederikssund to Østerport
Vesterport 18:22      


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