Welcome, you have seen the pictures (we hope!) so we thought our viewers might be interested in a little more background to our trips and an insight into some of the crazy things we get up to. Railway enthusiasts will be able to relate to our activities fairly easily but, for those who don't, here is a rough guide to what motivates:

Taking pictures, easy - no different to taking pictures of any other subject.

"Track bashing" - attempting to cover as many routes as possible in any country, some people take this further and literally try and cover every line, platform, siding, crossover etc, but that is a little too extreme even for us.

"Traction bashing" - a bit like train spotting but trying to have a ride behind every item of motive power rather than just seeing it. Again, this can have extremes like trying to travel in every coach, but life is too short in our opinion; we are not even bothered about multiple units let alone individual coaches.

Some of you reading this will remember the late lamented "European Report" magazine which appeared on a monthly basis and contained locomotive diagrams, various peoples trip reports and other useful information. This has provided the inspiration for us to start this blog and will record our trips abroad as well as the odd outing in the UK and might even add the occasional article from former years, some of which have also previously appeared on the excellent Six Bells Junction website.

1st May 2016 - Who took the Sun out of Sunday?

July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Sunday 1st May 2016 This morning was payback time for the beautiful weather yesterday; it wasn’t just dull, it was chucking it down with rain as well and forecast to be like that for most of the day. Breakfast was served from 6:15 so we made sure to be there promptly and have a leisurely breakfast before going out to the coach which was booked to...
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30th April 2016 - C'mon Feel the Noise

June 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Saturday 30th April 2016 The weather carried on where it left off yesterday and we basked in a bright sunny morning as the station pilot loco brought the tour coaches into the station. Our loco for the trip was 664.116, not that there was a lot of choice with only two or three locos being authorised for use in Croatia though it was slightly gallin...
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28th & 29th April 2016 - Here we are again

June 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Thursday 28th April 2016 This trip started as two separate tours but grew and grew in the planning stage, eventually expanding to nearly three weeks and three tours! Our original aim was to do a PTG tour taking a Slovenian Railways class 664 diesel to Rijeka and Pula in Croatia and Trieste in Italy then the annual RPSI "International Railtour" two...
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8th & 9th March 2016 - Having a Smashing Time

June 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Tuesday 8th March 2016 Consideration was given to going out for a trip to Kranj on the 7:28 but a lie-in seemed a good idea after burning the candle at both ends over the last few days plus it would be another late finish tonight. It would be silly not to go out 20 minutes earlier to view EN415 though and the reward for this was a new class 541 so...
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7th March 2016 - Get it while you can

May 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Monday 7th March 2016 It was an even earlier start this morning as the aim of the day was to get to Ljubljana, using the old favourite EC246 “Citadella”. It wasn’t possible to get to Budapest in time for the 8:30 departure but there was a choice of three trains to head it off, leaving Wien Hbf at 6:19, 6:25 or 6:42. The first two were via Sopron w...
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6th March 2016 - Fishing for Goldfish Bowls

April 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Sunday 6th March 2016 A late finish last night wasn’t the best preparation for catching the 7:09 this morning but choosing the scenic route via Břeclav and Kúty meant it was either that or the train two hours later. The plan had been to have breakfast in the Eiscafé at Břeclav but it was closed at this early hour so we had a cup of tea in the stat...
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5th March 2016 - Read all About It

March 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Saturday 5th March Today’s plans involved staying in Austria as there was an interesting tour, hauled by an interesting loco over an interesting route to a book launch at the Strasshof museum north of Vienna. This didn’t start until 12:00 at Wolkersdorf so most of the morning was spent in a fairly fruitless search for new Taurus locos for haulage,...
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3rd & 4th March 2016 - Making the Most of It

March 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Thursday 3 rd March 2016 Six rest days off work, a stash of FIP coupons which expired at the end of the month burning a hole in the desk drawer, sounds like a recipe for another trip! Vienna ended up being the chosen location with one night in Ljubljana, no prizes for guessing that the reason for the latter was to have yet another trip on “Citadel...
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2nd February 2016 - Glass Half Full

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Tuesday 2nd February 2016 Our host had kindly mention last night that there was a large group staying in the hotel who had arranged to have breakfast at 7 o’clock this morning so it would not be a problem if we wanted to go down a little earlier as well so we decided to give them a bit of a head start and went down at 7:15. Our loco this morning w...
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1st February 2016 - Bernina Bahn

March 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Monday 1st February 2016. By choice we would have moved on from Filisur this morning but couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle of changing hotels for just one night so we decided to stick around on the RhB for one more day as it was a few years since our last visit of more than the odd day. After checking that 703 was not down to work (it was s...
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