Welcome, you have seen the pictures (we hope!) so we thought our viewers might be interested in a little more background to our trips and an insight into some of the crazy things we get up to. Railway enthusiasts will be able to relate to our activities fairly easily but, for those who don't, here is a rough guide to what motivates:

Taking pictures, easy - no different to taking pictures of any other subject.

"Track bashing" - attempting to cover as many routes as possible in any country, some people take this further and literally try and cover every line, platform, siding, crossover etc, but that is a little too extreme even for us.

"Traction bashing" - a bit like train spotting but trying to have a ride behind every item of motive power rather than just seeing it. Again, this can have extremes like trying to travel in every coach, but life is too short in our opinion; we are not even bothered about multiple units let alone individual coaches.

Some of you reading this will remember the late lamented "European Report" magazine which appeared on a monthly basis and contained locomotive diagrams, various peoples trip reports and other useful information. This has provided the inspiration for us to start this blog and will record our trips abroad as well as the odd outing in the UK and might even add the occasional article from former years, some of which have also previously appeared on the excellent Six Bells Junction website.

6th January 2018 - Onwards and westwards

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Saturday 6th January 2018 A slightly earlier start today as we had a long journey (around 528 miles) to Zürich for the final leg of this trip. We started off with the 7:38 to Wien Hbf with about 50 minutes there before catching the main train of the day, a Railjet service from Budapest to Zürich so time for a tea top-up in Ströck. The ÖBB on-line...
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5th January 2018 - A Tale of two Banskás

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Friday 5th January 2018 Our last full day in Bratislava, so it was out to view the selection of trains departing around 8am; the only required loco was on the 8:01 to Košice via Zvolen so that was the first move sorted. As the train trundled east, we toyed with the idea of having a “bash” on the Nové Zámky class 240s but without a printed timetabl...
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4th January 2018 - Bobbing around Brno (again)

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Thursday 4th January 2018 One problem we have found travelling on ZSSK trains is that the conductors use a rather large stamp instead of the more usual ticket “grippers” to cancel tickets; not an issue with single tickets but it can cause problems when using a ticket for multiple journeys such as an Interrail or FIP (staff) pass as many conductors...
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3rd January 2018 - Delay Dodging

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Wednesday 3rd January 2018 There was a good selection of trains at Bratislava hl st to choose from around 8am so we went out at the same time as yesterday to see what was on offer. The same shiny new “Vectron” locomotive (383 102) was on the 8:03 to Košice so, deciding that it was trying to tell us something, we boarded that train. A new class 240...
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2nd January 2018 - Third Time Lucky

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Tuesday 2nd January 2018 One of the main priorities for this trip was to get the line between Trnava and Kúty in the book, our first two attempts being scuppered by engineering work on the first occasion then the second go ending in less than 3kms when the train we were on bowled some poor unfortunate soul over on a level crossing. This time, we d...
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1st January 2018 - Happy Republic Day

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Monday 1st January 2018 Happy New Year! The only task for us today was a fairly simple one, get to Bratislava, but (as usual with us) not via the most direct route. Eschewing the Metro after last nights “rip-off”, we took the short walk to Déli to catch “Citadella” but taking a seat in the portion to Szombathely until Celldömölk where we changed t...
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31st December 2017 - Farewell 2017

March 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Sunday 31st December 2017 After yesterday’s excitement, we wanted a more relaxed day so wandered over to Keleti after breakfast to see if there was anything that we fancied going for a ride with, and one of the first things we clapped eyes on was a CFR (Romania) class 477 on an IC service to Brașov, standing out in its red and grey livery amidst a...
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30th December 2017 - NOHABs!

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Saturday 30th December 2017 What better way to clear away the Christmas excesses than a trip to Hungary to circumnavigate Lake Balaton with no less than four “NOHAB” locomotives? MÁV Nosztalgia had run a similar train at the same time of the year for the previous two years but this time round we were in a position to participate, so a post-Christm...
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7th July 2017 - The Oslavany Oscillator

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Friday 7th July 2017 This was day three of six days of “Grumpy” haulage in the Czech Republic or day six of nine if including the tour in Slovakia as well. Today’s excitement was a single day tour named "The Oslavany Oscillator", run by “Grumpy Tours” who have run several tours using said locomotives over the years though the first one that we’d b...
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6th July 2017 - Bobbing round Brno

December 31, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Thursday 6th July 2017 Today was another public holiday in Czechia (Jan Hus day) and though there were no steam specials on offer there was a train topped and tailed by a couple of “Grumpies” offering two round trips on line 251 between Tišnov and Žďár nad Sázavou. We didn’t need to fret about the tram this morning either as the usually weekends o...
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